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jj jitu jitendra friends

Life is all about having new experiences right?

Often Spiritual journey’s end up as very enriching experiences and here we are going to tell a story about 7 friends, who had embarked on a spiritual journey.

6th July 2019

We 7 Friends started a spiritual journey that had almost changed the meaning of life for us. 

The itinerary included Kedarnath, Badrinath, Haridwar – Rishikesh, Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of flowers.

jj jitu jitendra friends in haridwar

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Journey to Haridwar

While six of them started their journey from Hyderabad, myself started from Bangalore, and eventually,  we met at Delhi’s airport. Without wasting a lot of time in Delhi, we’ve boarded a bus to Haridwar and that is where our actual journey started. By the time we reached Haridwar, it was almost 4 pm and it was raining heavily there.

The city was enshrouded in a blanket of mist, while a naughty girl named rain sprinkled water all over the city. Though it was raining, we managed to book a car with a driver who can drive us to all the destinations.

Haridwar Ganga Aarti

Ganga Aarti and Ganga Snan

This was still Day 1 of our Journey and we found ourselves at the banks of the Holy river, and Haridwar ka paniGanga. By having Haridwar Ganga Aarti and Ganga snan in the evening, we further moved to Rishikesh and decided to stay for the night there.

What’s Next?

Next blog with a video will be on the journey to Kedarnath from Rishikesh which will be full of travel shots in the amazing and adventurous roads and mountains.

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