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Life as a Video Editor

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Talent is a word with lots of inner meanings. When one says that someone is multi-talented, it might mean that this person has that essential charm, that passion for working hard, the audacity to plunge into uncharted waters, the capability to dream and breathe easy when faced with haughtiness, and theme an extra ability to experiment with different things.


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The Video Editor

It was with an intense passion that I’ve started my tryst with the art of video editing. It stems from my school days when I found the vast sea of video editing as a small boy when I used to copy MP3s and pictures from my pen drive to my computer, gifted by my father.

JJ Jitu Jitendra in Duai Motion Gate

In Life as a Video Editor, I love the magic one can create with various effects and transitions. I like to entertain people, and would like to see people smile. I try to find positivity in everything. My experience isn’t confined to video editing alone, as I can do motion graphics, 2d animation using after effects, sound engineering, and web-designing

Life as a Video Editor will be tough if we get stuck to only editing.

jj jitu jitendra playing drums

The Music Freak

Music always enchants me. The way ragas meld with the morning rays to create a beautiful day. Ha… Music gives me wings so that I can soar high. I always dream about walking in the moonlight while listening to some heavenly music.

I love vocals. I love how those guitarists strum to create exciting music. I love the fusion of sounds that form soothing music. I can see music in everything and I seriously believe the humdrum of this universe is a beautiful cosmic raga.

I tried to create music using loops almost a year ago, and I’m happy to say that it was well-received by the audience. Due to my hectic works schedule, I couldn’t move further. I record vocals using my audio interface and dynamic microphone or receive from the artists and does mixing and mastering.

Photography & Cinematography

I sincerely believe Photography and Cinematography is a bridge that connects artistic sensibilities with the reality of the world. I used to take pictures as a hobby during my college days. Eventually, the interest became a part of my profession, as I got a job in Vijayesam Films Private Limited, one of the top wedding photography companies in the city of Hyderabad. I used to do video editing for weddings and go for shoots as well, but later found out it’s pretty tough to manage both at the same time, so left the job. After that, occasionally I did Photography and Cinematography for various clients in Dubai and Bangalore. It later became part of my Job.

JJ Jitu Jitendra love for photography

The Travel Enthusiast

“How many roads must a man walk down?
 Before he calls him a man” -Bob Dylan

My passion for traveling can be described by these lines by the legendary musician, Bob Dylan. Travel is in my blood, and I’m passionate about bikes. You know, when you start to travel, start meeting lots of people, some part of your soul will get expanded, enriched, and nourished by myriads of experiences, the soul will be elevated into a much higher dimension – this is what I believe.

jj jitu jitendra loves travelling and riding

jj jitu jitendra photography

 The Dance Fanatic

I love Dance as it’s a beautiful art form. I believe everything in this world follows a certain rhythm, from the smallest of atoms to the burly elephants. I always wanted to learn dance but due to time constraints, I couldn’t. Since 2019, I’ve worked on numerous dance videos.

The Chef

I have an intense liking for food of diverse varieties and believe that good food can create better moods in human beings. I also think tasting dishes from various parts of the world is an intense cultural experience. I occasionally don the hat of the chef as well and try a variety of recipes.

Lover of Intellectual games

I love games that can stimulate my intellect. That’s why I love to play chess. The same goes for the game of Ludo. Both of these things can increase our concentration skills. For having a creative Life as a Video Editor it would be better if one chooses any of such games.

jitu jitendra love playing chess