Bangalore to Adi Yogi Staue

Bangalore to Adi Yogi Statue Funny Travel Hindi Vlog

Watch and have fun by watching us having fun in this funny travel vlog, which I decided to make after seeing a good response on my first vlog which was unplanned and not scripted.

This Vlog was also unscripted, but this trip with my colleagues was planned by Puneet a month ago. I thought of making a vlog, that would be a memory in our lives, capturing as beautifully as we can (Me and Lalit) with our iPhones, and since this is the second vlog I tried my best to become a complete extrovert from being an introvert, and I loved the experience and the output which I took whole day and night to edit.

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Bangalore to Adi Yogi Statue Travel Blog

Travel from Bangalore to Adi Yogi Statue located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu was pretty smooth and fun. Finally, when we reached Adi Yogi Statue, we were mesmerized by its beauty and nature. Almost none of us slept the day before and I was struggling to keep my eyes open, and shoot the video, talk to the driver so that he shouldn’t feel sleepy, finally when we saw the Mahadev Adi Yogi statue, I felt all those efforts were worth it.

We had a great time at Adi Yogi Statue and every day, I meditate twice a day before sleeping and after waking up for 20mins, which I felt I missed a day breaking the continuity until we got to know that we are supposed to meditate in front of Dhyanalinga, which was completely unexpected and I felt immensely happy to meditate in such a holy place.

Traveling back to Bangalore was not as smooth as we expected it to be as we, unfortunately, had to take a different route which was full of dark with fewer lights, and at that time instead of making videos, I thought it better to be focused and be alert as after driving for some distance, Shikar was feeling sleepy, and Puneet took the responsibility of driving and he drove very nicely with confidence, maintaining a very good speed and brought us to Bangalore safely, needless to say, that we had fun in those tensed moments as well but overall it was a very good experience for all of us.

It was really fun travelling in car from early morning to late night from Bangalore to Adi Yogi Statue and from Adi Yogi to Bangalore within two thousand five hundred  rupees per person, which was mostly spent on car rental and the petrol. The next day, even though being fully tired, I have somehow gathered some energy and edited the video without taking any brakes till monday early morning and slept after keeping it for render, because I wanted to upload the video on monday itself as it’s considered as a favourite day for Mahadev Shiv Bholanath. 

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– JJ (Jitu Jitendra)


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